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The Experience

preserving the magic

Lifestyle & portrait sessions of your family taken outdoors or in the comfort of your home.


How it works:

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Choosing a Location

Once we decide on a date, we will discuss a location. From public gardens to local preserves, beaches, forests, college campuses, farms, and local towns, I love finding just the right place that reflects your vision for your family photos.

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Capturing Variety

When we meet at our scheduled time and location, I will do a combination of posed portraits and documentary / lifestyle photos.

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Getting comfortable

I love to interact with kids and find it quite easy to get on their level. I'm not afraid to be silly or goofy to make your kids laugh or make them feel at ease.

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Choosing your memories

Once I’ve finished retouching your images, I send you the private online proof gallery for you to choose your photos; after which I send them to you to download and save. I offer prints, custom framing, heirloom albums and other products, as well.

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